How to live a Purpose-driven life

After reading purpose driven life, it became more apparent that a lot of believers have not discovered their lives purpose. A lot us just live our life deciding our own purpose, feeling unfulfilled, changing our purpose, and starting the cycle all over again. But there are loads of things we can do to help us discover God’s purpose for our lives.

Realize it’s not about you

This is something I struggle with too. We’re taught to approach every decision with “How do I feel about it?” or “Is this right for me?”, which is why we always get stuck. Rick Warren mentioned a great analogy for this. If I gave you a new invention, you wouldn’t be able to figure out what it’s purpose is. And the invention wouldn’t be able to tell you itself. You’d have to read the manual to figure it out because only the person that invented it know it in and out. In the same way, we have to look to our maker to figure out what our purpose is.

Know that you are not a mistake

We take everything we are and have for granted but nothing is left to chance. Einstein said “God doesn’t play dice” and we can see this in every little thing that exists. Absolutely nothing is left to chance. The atmosphere on earth, how our cells work, everything is an international divine design. So what makes us think that we are random? We were all made uniquely by God, meaning that everything about us, including our race, gender, our appearance, our talents, our background was intentional. God doesn’t make mistakes. He made everyone  and everything exactly the way he wanted it.

This is the first step into realizing that everything about us hints at how God wants to use us for his purpose. It’s not by chance that pastors are great speaker or that the worship quire is blesses with great vocals. Think about what your strengths are and how you can use them to glorify God.

Build your life around your purpose

A lot of us get stuck doing things that we don’t like, or maybe even some that we might enjoy, but end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. That’s what happens when ‘activity’ replaces ‘productivity’. If all our activities help serve our purpose, our days would be much simpler and we’d be more satisfied in life

Focus on building an eternal legacy

So many of us are driven by different earthly motives: approval, fear of failure, materialism…so we waste everyday chasing something that won’t even last. If we focused instead on building eternal legacy, life would automatically have more meaning. We would know the goal for all our activities and wouldn’t depend on exterior motives to validate us. 

Head over to my last post on books that can help guide you to your purpose!

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