Apps that can help your mental health

Technology usually gets a bad rep when it comes to mental health, and for good reason. Social media being one of the pitfalls, the less time we spend on our phones/laptops, the better.

But here are some apps that can actually help you achieve better mental wellness.



Headspace is a guided meditation app with a lot of options on what you want to focus on. You can get it on the app store or on google play

Sleep cycle alarm clock


This is an alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase So you wake up feeling rested and relaxed. It’s free on the app store.

Faith and mental wellness app


This was developed by Brittney Moses and even features a mood tracker where you can plug how you’re feeling and why you feel that way. Overtime, you can see the trend of what affects your mood and adjust accordingly. This is also free on the app store.

Day one journal


This is,  as you guessed it, a journaling app. Journaling can be extremely beneficial for mental wellness and this app makes it extremely easy to keep up with journaling with simple entries, letting you add location, weather, currently playing music, and step count. It’s free on app store but $3.99/month for premium features.


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