5 Shows worth binge watching this winter

We all binge from time to time. After reading Kalyn Nicholson’s post, I decided to make my own seasonal list with my current favorites.

This is us


I don’t know why I put off watching this for so long but I finally did and it’s everything I’ve ever hoped for in a series. The plot is sooooo good!! 

Grown ish


Yara shahidi. Do you need any other reason? Just go watch it. Thank me later

Black mirror


Season 4 just hit Netflix and it’s sooo good. 

Fixer upper


I love the Gaines and all the houses they’ve had on the show. And everyone who watched one episode knows that you just can’t stop watching. I like grabbing a cup of tea and binge watching a whole season.

The X files


I have to admit I absolutely hated this at first but if you just keep watching, you’ll keep wanting to know more. Which is what makes this series a winter favorite. 

What are your favorite shows to binge watch?

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