I tried Buzzfeed’s hygge at work routine

I recently wrote hygge related article  and mentioned that I’d be trying to make my work place more hygge like Buzzfeed’s Marie Telling. 

I am a huge lover of everything cozy and try to make life as cozy as possible so the idea of working in a cozy environment was an absolute goldmine I came across so I wanted to try it asap. Little did I know that it would be nearly impossible to replicate Marie’s routine. My work place did not allow candles and we had set seats so moving around the office and creating your own cozy corner was pretty much out. I also work part time so trying to host a potluck with my coworkers wouldn’t be as feasible (we did somewhat work around this though). 

I took an actual lunch break


I usually skip lunch because I feel like I could always be more productive in the office but this day, I took my lunch break and went out of the office. I was surprised that it actually helped me get more things done later on because I wasn’t feeling as sluggish. I packed lunch this day so I get bonus points for being extra hygge 🙂

Pizza with coworkers


No, it’s not homemade chicken noodle soup but ordering pizza made everyone happy and we were in a better mood for the rest of the day. Fun fact: people really bond over choosing pizza toppings

Cozy socks


Our office already appreciates wearing cozy socks/slippers so this one was super easy. And it was awesome! My one coworker actually keeps separate slippers just for the office and that’s such a good idea, especially after covering your winter boots with slush. I know this isn’t really an option in offices that enforce a dress code but if you work in a more casual environment, knock yourself out. These are an absolute dream so get them while they’re still on sale

Hot drinks


We all ended up getting drinks from Starbucks and it made everything cozier. The only thing I would’ve done differently is brought in my own mug


giphy (1).gif

Whether it was singing along to the inchworm song or just good ol’ office humor, laughing made the office cozier. Does that make sense? If you like stand up, I’d recommend Trevor Noah. I think all of his shows are hilarious!


Warm food, cozy socks, hot drinks, and laughter will make you want to work 3 more hours just to be there.

Let me know if you try anything like this at your workplace or even at home!

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