5 Hygge Products you need

I love finding small ways to cozy things up. This is a list of hyggelig items I’ve been eyeing this month.

Anthropologie’s ‘Well-wishing’ travel mug

D43876549_066_b.jpeg D43876549_066_b2.jpeg

This mug is so perfect for anyone on the go. I also love their monogram mug (they should make a travel mug version of that!)

Urban outfitters globe string lights


This would make any room mega cozy. Bonus: They’re on sale now for only $20

Urban outfitters fleece throw blanket


I want to cry at how cozy this throw looks. It’s on sale right now for $39 (which is not at all bad for an urban outfitters item) so go get it right now!

Context concolor fir candle


I’ve been looking at this candle forever now after reading about it on popsugar but I haven’t read a lot of reviews on it so I never bought it. It’s currently $40 here and even though that’s more than I’ve ever spent on one candle, the description alone makes me think it’s worth it.

Lovesac- citysac




I’m going to go ahead and say that everyone has probably heard of lovesac by now. I’ve been dreaming about their super cozy bags/furniture after seeing it on Orion Carloto’s Instagram. They’re pretty pricey (the one above is $800) buuuuuut, look how comfy it looks!!! Bonus: every review is raving about how comfortable and durable they are. I can’t quite afford the citysac right now but @lovesac, Sponsor ya girl (pretty please!) 🙂

That’s all for today’s list. Let me know if you have any of these or other hyggelig items you have.

Also, I’m thinking about doing the workplace hygge challenge a la buzzfeed so I’ll be writing another post on how that goes 🙂


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