5 ways to improve your mental health

Keep a gratitude journal


Have a separate journal where you can write 3 things you’re grateful for. Some people choose to do this daily, which is great. Or you could allot one day out of the week and keep up with it. The five minute journal is a great way to use this. I first heard about it from Mimi Ikonn (I think her husband developed it). You can purchase it as an app or the hard copy (the app is much cheaper).

Learn something new


When experimenting with anything new (cooking, art, Pinterest project…), you give yourself another dimension. Studies show that people that feel like they have more to offer, don’t get as stressed when one part of their life/identity is threatened. This will give you better coping skills and improve your mental wellness. Try: Dailyart or Duolingo

Cut off toxic relationships


It’s impossible to take care of your mental wellness while being surrounded by toxic people. Eventually, you’re going to start to be like them. So if you’re not okay with turning into the person you’re hanging out with, cut them off. Try: pplkpr. It tracks your physical response to certain people you interact with using a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.



Watch a funny movie, play games with friends, cuddle up with your pet, meditate… whatever you can do to stress less will benefit your mental wellness. Try: PacificaF&MW or Headspace. I believe all of these apps also work for androids! 

Social media detox


This is something I’ve been trying to do for one week out of each month. I only use Instagram but we all know what blackhole of time it can be once you start browsing. Bonus tip: Only follow people you know + a couple of accounts that genuinely make you feel happy. This way you’re not on your feed for 3 hours (unless you know thousands of people). Also, avoid the browse feed. Try: Leechblock (a Mozilla extension that will block selected websites for free) or freedom (a paid alternative you can download as an app).

Bonus tip: Apparently, wearing watery blue colors or light grays relieve stress. Time to go dig in your closet!

Let me know what you do to help your mental wellness!

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