5 products that will save your skin this winter

Witch hazel



Even though, it’s mostly used to treat acne on oily skin, it actually does not dry your skin out. Toning your face with witchhazel will actually help your skin retain more moisture in general. The Thayers brand has been my personal favorite and you can also use the one with rose petal. They’re both great and alcohol free!

Rose water


This has been all over instagram and other blogs, for good reason. It is extremely moisturizing and light at the same time. The Mario Badescu has been my favorite!

African black soap


I heard about this for so long and I’m not too sure why I didn’t try it but it’s sooooooo good you guys! I was a little worried about getting the 100% pure one so I ended up getting the shea moisture one with shea butter and it’s amazing! It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling really clean and soft.

Lush’s full of grace serum


This is one of the best rated face products on Lush and it’s totally worth the hype! It’s really moisturizing and makes your skin glow! Major bonus: Lush is completely vegan!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


I first heard about this from Samantha Maria and wasn’t sure if putting oil on my face would be such a good idea but oh man, I was so wrong. YOU HAVE TO BUY IT. You just have to. Do you want amazing skin or no?

That’s pretty much  all I’ve been using. Let me know what you’ve been using this winter and if you have any recommendations!

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