10 Habits to start in 2018

There will be a lot of mistake making/learning in our twenties but it’s also crucial to build really good habits that will help us grow. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be waking up at 3:00 pm after a late night party and not getting enough sleep when I’m 30 so I’ll definitely be using this list!

Habit #1: Create Daily Routines


It is extremely important to have daily routines in place so that ever single day isn’t another challenge of trying to meet deadlines and never getting enough rest. You don’t have to schedule every minute of your life but if you can stick to a reasonable sleeping schedule, set times for your meals, and have a scheduled work time, You’ll be doing yourself a favor. Check out this post for planning inspo.

Habit #2: Take daily vitamins

It’s really hard to plan out perfectly nutritious meals and  eat them at appropriate times while you’re juggling a full schedule. So what’s a great way to make sure you get what you need without having to fret about the hows?


Bonus tip: Get vitamin gummies- Yes it contains sugar but chances are you’ll stick to it more. Check this out for a list of the best gummies for women.

Habit #3: Track your finances

Late night fast food runs and the occasional shopping splurge may not seem like it amounts to much but the habit of bad spending can spiral out of control. So, it makes sense to spend time tracking our spending and making budgets now so that when we get ‘a real job’ or get a raise at our current one, we already have good financial habits. The mint app makes this extremely easy to do and is totally free!


Habit #4: Schedule regular Health Checkups

This usually isn’t a huge priority for people in their twenties but it makes all the difference in our future health. If you make sure to keep up with your GP, Dentist, and any other specialist you may need, you can  better manage your health, and take preventative measures while you still have the option.

Habit #5: Set short term and long term goals

Things tend to go better when you plan them. Set goals for yourself and work towards them. Even if you end up on a completely different path than you thought (most adults do), you still wouldn’t have wasted 10 years doing nothing.

Habit #6: Spend time with Family and Friends


Nurturing your most important relationships should be a priority. Whether it’s a quick text or a girls weekend, spending time with people you care about is something you need to start doing right now.

Habit #7: Treat yourself with respect

Respect yourself enough to make yourself a priority in all aspects of your life. Don’t make any decisions based on other people and don’t sacrifice your inner peace for anyone. Always do what’s best for you and the rest will fall into place.

Habit #8: Cook at home


Cooking at home is better both for your health and your wallet. You don’t have to make filet mignon every night but make sure you learn how to cook something quick, healthy, and doesn’t come in a packet.

Habit #9: Exercise regularly

Exercising routinely now will make it more likely that you’ll still be doing it when you’re older and you’d be taking the most important preventative step for a healthy life. It’s obviously easier said than done but it doesn’t have to be a 3 hour commitment. 30 minutes- 1 hour, 3-5 times a week would be enough. 

Habit #10: Build confidence



It’s kind of a chicken and egg tale with this one but if you build your  confidence, you will spend more time making sure you’re living in the best way that you can and living a happy productive lifestyle will make you even more confident and so on. Take time to get to know yourself and figure out your priorities and practice a lifestyle that reflects that.

Let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions I should add!

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