Quitting coffee to reduce anxiety

I love coffee. No one has cleared out my bank account as much as Starbucks has. I’m also the type of person that will leave their house at questionable hours of the day just to get a grande pike roast. This usually takes place after I’ve finished 12 K cups in 4 days and can’t wait till my scheduled grocery trip. But lately, I’ve been more aware of how my caffeine intake tends to make me unnecessarily anxious. Not that anxiety in other situations is always justified but it’s a bigger problem when a cup of medium roast causes anxiety out of nowhere. At least, it’s fixable.  Just give up coffee.

My inner caffeine addict is rolling her eyes at that oversimplified statement. We all know quitting coffee is no easy task but, it must be done, peeps. Which is why I’m making quitting coffee my goal for January. I’m going to use the rest of the month to kick the habit or at least stick to decaf coffee (but what’s the appeal of coffee without caffeine?)



I’ve been researching this for most of the day to make sure my decision wasn’t crazy misguided. And surely enough, I came across plenty of articles that talked about how caffeine can cause anxiety, or their experience with quitting, and even ones on how caffeine may actually be beneficial.

It’s useful to note that when I talk about coffee, I’m strictly referring to caffeinated coffee with no additives. We all know that sugar on its own can make us hyperactive and aggravate anxiety, but this experiment/goal is just targeting caffeine’s effects on how we feel and if it’s something we can tweak for dramatic results.

I’ll check back in after a month and let you know how it went but if you have any experiences/knowledge about this, comment below and share your thoughts!

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