Current Playlist- русский


I love looking at other people’s playlist to see if there’s anything I would like so I thought I would share mine. These are the songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat this month. They’re all Russian songs and more specifically, they’re all Black Star INC songs. I’ve listened to Black Star music for a while and my favorite are Natan, Timati, and Kristina Si so this playlist will mostly be their songs as well.Black Star.jpg


  1. • Kristina Si – Хочу
  2. • Тимати feat. Рекорд Оркестр – Баклажан
  3. • Kristina Si Ну ну да
  4. • Natan feat. Тимати – Дерзкая
  5. • Natan feat. Kristina Si – Ты готов услышать нет?
  6. • Kristina Si – Mama Boss
  7. • Тимати – Ключи от рая
  8. • Тимати feat. Егор Крид – Где ты, где я
  9. • Егор Крид – Будильник
  10. • Мот – Капкан
  11. • Мот feat. Бьянка – Абсолютно Всё


You can find this playlist on my Spotify here. Comment down below to let me know which ones you like or if you have any other suggestions!


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