How to be more productive in college

We could honestly be doing a lot better at managing our time but it’s not the easiest thing to do when you have 6 classes, work, a social life and family all on the same plate. Here are a couple of ways we can do a little better in our daily lives.

1.Download the app for your school work


My University uses d2l and having the app on my phone is such a life saver. It has a calendar feature that lets you see everything due on a weekly/daily basis and it’s a life saver and makes sure nothing pops up.

2.  Get a planner


If you can go about your day without forgetting 98% of what you’re supposed to do without using a planner, I’m very impressed and need you to teach me your ways. But if you’re like me and need to see every due date to function properly, a planner is a must. And list down EVERYTHING. From bills to drinks with friends to quizzes, write it all down. Use different color pens for each of those things, but do it!

3. Build routines


I always thought having routines meant life was boring but if you come up with a morning, evening and weekend routine to make sure everything important is done, you can use the rest of your time to be as random as you would like instead of stressing out.

4. Know what is important to you


Being productive isn’t the equivalent of cramming everything in your schedule and spreading yourself thin. Be selective of what you spend your time on and say no to things that don’t add to your happiness. If you really like watching the sunrise, make waking up early enough a priority to get it accomplished. Same goes for every other activity

5. Ask for help


This gets said quite a lot but for good reason. You can’t do everything yourself. Don’t be afraid to delegate!

6. GYST day


Take one day out of the week (Saturday preferably) to get your shit together. Kalyn Nicholson talked about this on youtube and it honestly works wonders. Throughout the week, there’ll be tasks that fall through the cracks. Make a list of all those things and get them all done during this day. Also make a list of everything coming up for the next week and get a head start on those: do the assignments, study for the quiz, make sure to spend quality time with your family (or a quality phone conversation), meal prep…just get it all together so you don’t have to stress throughout the week.

6. Day off


Contrary to the GYST day, you also need to have one day a week to just relax. Burn out is real!! so make sure you save a day for yourself where you have nothing to do but chill and catch up with everything you love.

This list can look different for everyone but this is what’s been helping me and I hope you get something out of it too 🙂

XX Hebist

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