Foreign Aid


Money is obviously what the world runs on. It’s not love, it’s not hope and it’s not peace. If you have any questions about any of the above, just look around. Ergo, whoever has money is automatically entitled to the better things in life and those who don’t must pay the price they never agreed too. This is a category much larger than an individual. It reigns over continents at this point, spreading a certain image all over the world.

We are all from one of the six continents on earth and it is absurd to me that each one of our lifestyles, routines, eating habits, financial status and more can all be grouped as one image. Let’s make it clear, this isn’t going to be an article about how social media presents an evil way of glorifying some and looking down others (although I can write 6 or 7 articles on that alone). This is about WHY we all end up being categorized and it’s not just the stereotypes but the actual situations.

I am Ethiopian. I grew up learning about the country’s resources and living an upper-middle class life by a developed country’s status. Yet when I was old enough to google my country, I saw nothing but poverty painted all over social media. Is everyone rich in Ethiopia? No. Are there people struggling to eat? Definitely. But does that not exist elsewhere? For example, In Europe? The wealthiest continent by GDP according to the world bank can not boast of more than an 80% self dependent population. So why do we continue to emphasize the positive things in two nations (USA and Europe) and then paint the rest of the world as people that will always be dependent.

These two nations are very capable to build up the rest to a developed status. But you don’t help people by throwing around free food! Again, I’m not referring to emergency aid. I am talking about the aid developing countries receive year round. It might have started with genuine intention to help but that is the least of the concerns now. Foreign aid today is more like supplying a person with water bottles instead of offering them a filter.

Foreign aid is breaking down the ability of nations to build themselves up. It’s getting rid of the main structure of being self efficient. Businesses can’t thrive because of all of the discounted goods and all the free merchandize. The agriculture is stuck because of the same reason. If a country has a dire need and you want to help solve it, do what you have to do for that short period of time and get the hell out of there. Don’t stick around and give more loans and tie the country down to you.

That goes to everyone out there, not just NGO’s. Next time you see an Ad about starving kids in Africa or a flood in Asia, invest in something more tangible. Don’t just send money for food or your worn clothes. Matter of fact, half of what you send isn’t going to make it there anyway. Invest in a child’s education, help individuals build up a business, volunteer in building infrastructures. Nobody wants your loan! (Other than maybe corrupt governments)

Everyone needs to stop and think. Why are poor countries poor? Is it because they don’t have the ability to support themselves? That’s never been the issue. Educate yourself on just how prosperous the poorest countries of the world today used to be just a century ago. I personally blame all the interventions. But what do I know? I’m not the CEO of a foreign aid company nor do I have a PHD in economics. You know what gives me the right to speak on this? I’m part of the community you only know on your screen. That simple fact means I already know two sides of this story.

The two most populated continents are also the two most underdeveloped. And don’t start with the “you don’t have enough resources to manage your population” argument. Actually, our people happen the be the most educated people in your nations. More than 43% of African immigrants hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, slightly more than immigrants from east Asia. If these people didn’t choose to migrate, we have 1. The natural resources 2. The education 3. Labor needed to efficiently build our economy. So why do they choose leave? Brain drain is not coincidental darling. I am in a University in Pennsylvania. Why didn’t I choose to stay home? The world has been convinced that education in certain nations is worth more than others. I absolutely disagree with this. The only things that are offered differently are the campuses, the fancy gyms and the latest technology. I can surely say that a Doctor educated here is no more educated than one from back home. But I have to go along with this because now, having a degree from here means I can score a better job wherever I go. So instead of using their ‘better education’ status to flood in scholars from ‘poor’ countries, why don’t developed nations invest in the same structure and help the whole population? Get my drift?

Nothing is left to fate and with all that has been set up, it’s going to take a while to make the world aware of what’s going on. I, nor the thousands of others that write about this have the power to change everyone’s mind. Nor is it our responsibility to take care of peoples’ ignorance. All we can do is tell our side and hope people think twice before they support another institution help bury our countries’ future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and please share this post to start more conversations and educate others!

xx Hebist



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